Become a Driver Trainer

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Do you want to help others by passing on your experience and Knowledge.

A Career as a Driver Trainer is definitely one of the most rewarding and fulfilling Careers you could select. You are helping to save the lives of our young people.

Driving Instruction is more than "just a job" it is a way of life and helps to improve road safety and our young people at the same time.

Q-Ride Licence

QRide is an approved system for you to receive your Motorcycle Licence.

Aegis Training Services has been delivering this course to our customers ever since it started.

We believe in Quality Training and will ensure you learn what you need to stay safe.

Driving Instructor

Learn to Drive Anything

The trainers at Aegis are dedicated to giving the best possible service to our customers. We will make your training as enjoyable and comprehensive as possible without adding unnecessary lessons.

Our trainers  all have a deep interest in road safety and are keen to pass on their experience to you.


Why Come to Us?

Here at Aegis Training Services P/L you the client ALWAYS come first We will always do everything we can to ensure you walk away from us not only happy with the training you received, but also ready to start your new career. We will spend the time with you to ensure you have every question answered and you have a full understanding of what the workplace will require of you.

Aegis Training Services is also one of the ONLY RTO'S in our field to be able to provide you with all of the qualifications you need to move into your chosen career so there is no need to go elsewhere for other training.

We also go out of our way to ensure we remain up to date with everything you need, for example we were involved as a member of the national steering committee to develop the new Driving Instruction Qualifications, and are involved in various Road Safety Committees and groups.

So you can feel assured that if you choose to come to Aegis Training Services P/L you will walk away with the confidence that you can do the job not matter what.


Take the Next Step.....

Contact us to find out more. You might be pleasantly surprised at just how helpful everyone at Aegis Training Services is. You will see we are here for you!