Information you might need to consider to start as a Driving Instructor/Trainer

The Course

The first step is to do your course and gain the qualification as a qualified Car Driving Instructor, this will take at least 2 weeks of your time in the face to face component of the course. You will also ideally need to be available to spend some time to go out with current a Driving Instructor and observe lessons and tests. You also have to complete any assignments or projects that you did not get completed in the face to face component of the course, how long this takes is up to you but it is expected that it would take a minimum of being completed in the two weeks and an expected maximum of six months to complete but being competency based you could take longer if you desired.

Information you might need to consider to start as a Car Driving Instructor

The Cost

Here at Aegis Training Services we try our hardest to keep our course fees as low as we can and still provide the services you need to be able to succeed as a Driving Instructor, but even though the overall cost is relatively small, it can still sometimes be difficult to pay the full amount upfront. We we have introduced a simple and easy payment plan to help you get started in your new career, as a Driving Instructor, as soon as possible. All you need to do is pay the initial deposit and then pay the rest off in easy weekly or monthly payments (Conditions apply). Please contact us for full details and see how easy it really is to start work soon.

Your Driving Skills

You will be required to show that your driving is to a standard that will be consistent with passing a driving assessment at licence level (at least to the standard expected of a new driver). Most people can do this if they apply themselves. Almost everyone has some bad habits that they accumulate over time and this will not be an issue with you completing the course on time, but if during the drive a lack of skill or application of the driving legislation is an issue ( or in fact dangerous driving) then consideration will need to be given to possibly undergoing some driving lessons, to ultimately become a Driving Instructor, and this could involve an added cost to the course.

Although this is not common, as most people who come on the course are better than average drivers anyhow simply because they are interested in road safety, it does from time to time occur. Remember this course is not to teach people how to drive but rather how to teach driving.

The Car

You will also need to consider what type of car you will need to purchase and have it fitted with dual controls.

There is no right and wrong (apart from the above) as to what car to by, but you might want to consider the following.

Initial cost (would suggest keeping it under $20,000.00)
Parts availability. (Some European cars you can wait for months for parts)
Cost of Parts
Comfort (remember to check the passenger side you will be spending most of your time there)
Leg room after fitting the controls
Size (to large a car can be very intimidating for a learner)
Fuel economy
Insurance costs (Joining the association can help greatly with this)

The Business

You also need to consider how to set up your business as a Driving Instructor. This will depend greatly on if you decide to start your own school or work for an established school. Even if you are working for another school in almost every case you still have your own business and work on a sub-contract basis for the school, so you will need an ABN. You can apply for an ABN on line with the tax office, To get an ABN .Both systems have advantages and disadvantages, we suggest you discuss with your accountant the best way for you to set up your business to get the best advantage for you. We do suggest however that if you have not run a small business before you do consider all the difficulties you may encounter and discuss these with your accountant or someone in the industry, or alternatively consider working for a school even for a short time to become familiar with the industry.

Working with Children

For car instructors you will be predominately working with people under the age of 18 and at this age they are still considered a minor in Australia. Because of this you will also need to get a Working with Children Blue Card. You can apply for these at the commission for children and young people available on the following link To Apply for a Blue Card Click Here. The cost for this card is minimal

The Licence

You will need to hold the Driving Instructor Licence/Accreditation issued by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. For Information on the Requirements Click Here to go to the TMR website . To get this licence/accreditation you will need to complete your course then take that application into TMR with a completed application form (Available at our office). After this application is submitted it can take up to 4-6 weeks for the checks to be completed and the licence can be issued (average time appears to be 2 weeks but can not be guaranteed).

It is recommended that this application be presented prior to starting the course, but some customer services centres will not accept it without the certificate. The cost for this application is around the $320.00 area and is inclusive of the issue of the licence/accreditation. The application once approved is valid for 3 months so if you do put in the application prior to enrolment in the course and for some reason have not gone to pick it up within the 3 months you will be required to reapply with another fee due.

So if you are interested in becoming a Driving Instructor give us a call or email us today.