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TLI41216 Car Driving Instruction

Help others by passing on your experience and Knowledge.

A Career as a Driver Trainer is definitely one of the most rewarding and fulfilling Careers you could select. Remember when you first got your Licence how important it was to you. This is the most significant issue in the life of our Young people and you will be playing the most important part of that time for them by teaching them the skills they need to stay alive

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TLI41316 Heavy Vehicle Driving Instruction

Heavy Vehicle drivers are some of the most skilled drivers on our roads. The skills required to drive Heavy Vehicles safely are difficult to learn and require experts to do it well.

As a professional Heavy Vehicle Trainer you will be passing on the vast knowledge you have acquired over time, knowledge you most likely don’t know you have. This knowledge is badly needed in the industry to fill the shortage of Drivers in the transport industry . You will be playing a major role in the employment of many people.

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young man riding motorcycle in asphalt road curve with rural and mountain background

TLI41416 Motorcycle Riding Instructor

Motorcycle is the odd one out when you think about it. The vast majority of bike riders do it for pleasure and recreation. It is not something you have to have, like the car licence (well most see it as have to have), or for employment, like the heavy vehicle licence.

Because of this you will not only be doing what you love, lets face it if you ride a bike you love it, you will be involved in training others to do something they are going to love as well.  This is also the one that will be rewarding because you WILL have people come back to tell you how YOU saved their life.

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Dynamic and realistic motorbike racing

QRide Motorcycle Licence

Q – Ride is a Motorcycle Licensing system and a road safety initiative of the Department of Transport and Main Roads, with the aim of reducing the road toll for motorcyclists. Q – Ride is a competency based system providing a high quality of training for every motorcyclist. All motorcycle training done at Aegis is designed to bring every student up to an above average level of safety and understanding of motorcycling, helping to ensure many years of safe and enjoyable riding.

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Learn to Drive

Driving in today’s heavy traffic conditions requires a lot of skills and techniques that were not as critical in the past, so learn from those who are dedicated to improving your driving skills.

Our trainers were among the first to meet the new standards required for instructors in Queensland and are qualified to train new instructors entering the industry. They all have a deep interest in road safety and are keen to pass on their experience to you.

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